About Coach, Speaker, Author, Sheila Stevenson

Making our world a kinder and more productive place, one life at a time.

Sheila Stevenson is the Founder and Managing Director of Sheila Stevenson Group, launched in February 2013.

As an ICF certified Coach Sheila has several years of experience working with individuals, business owners and teams. She also has extensive practical experience in both the corporate world and entrepreneurship.

At Sheila Stevenson Group, we specialize in:

  • Leadership coaching and training
  • Management and employee team development and coaching
  • Classic Customer Care©, Conducting Challenging Conversations, Take Charge of Your Time
  • Small business consulting
  • Inspiring Speaking

Sheila, as Coach, believes that everyone has innate and amazing potential. She values every opportunity to work with clients, helping them transition past whatever obstacles they may be facing.

Sheila, as Consultant, believes that every business owner is passionate about what they offer, yet may not possess the skill sets required to grow and nurture their goals.

Sheila, as Facilitator, believes that learning never ends. She also believes that learning needs to be fun and active, as well as relevant. She has been asked the question, “What’s in this for me?” many times and is always able to demonstrate what is important to each individual participant in a workshop. She loves questions.

Sheila is Caring and Respectful, exactly the sort of ‘off-site’ partner you want. Generally, her clients use her services repeatedly, and refer her as well. Why? Because, she generates measurable results. Sheila works with integrity and a healthy sense of humour.


Sheila trained with the Adler School of Professional Coaching in Toronto, and is a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF). She held a variety of positions at Labatt and Bendix. She has studied at King’s College, Western University, and has held Director positions on the Boards of several non-profit organizations. Sheila has lived and worked in Quebec and Ontario in Canada, and in the U.K.



At Sheila Stevenson Group we aspire to spreading kindness by helping individuals, businesses and organizations: helping them realize the highest possible potential; enjoy optimal relationships; and, benefit from growth and innovation. Sheila’s clients achieve sustainable, measurable and responsible profitability.

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Cell: 519-671-5225 (Canada only)

Email: sheila@sheilastevensongroup.com

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I am now able to look to the future, without carrying around old burdens.