Life coaching can help you get what you desire in life.

Sheila Stevenson LIfe Coach

Sheila Stevenson, A.C.C.

Emotional Health & Trauma Recovery Coach

  • Develop healthier personal and family relationships
  • Overcome a variety of traumas, and abuse
  • Attain a sense of purpose, and achieve your goals and dreams

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Sheila Stevenson, SPEAKER

Informative and inspiring. Sheila speaks about:

  • My Story – From Trauma Through the Lessons into Joy!
  • Resilience – Living on a Bungee Cord
  • How Child Abuse Affects Families, Work and Our Communities

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Sheila Stevenson, AUTHOR

An opportunity to learn and be challenged.

Sheila has been writing since childhood, using her creativity as a form of self-therapy. Sheila’s passion for learning, growing & helping others empowered her to write HOPE for Survivors of Childhood Abuse, now in 2nd edition at Let Your Light Shine!

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