A painful or confused past, or the experience of some type of traumatic event, can keep you from moving ahead in life. It can prevent you from realizing your full potential, from enjoying healthy relationships, and from living with joy and peace of mind.

Coaching helps you get disentangled from the past and what’s holding you back

Move forward in the direction you want to go

Coaching is different from therapy. It validates your past experiences, and helps you to learn valuable lessons from them. It provides you with uplifting insights and personal coping ‘tools’ to use every day for the rest of your life.

Make choices that are right for you

To witness someone as they make significant and powerful changes in their beliefs and behavior is a joy. One small success leads to another … and then more. Lives are changed. You walk taller and grasp possibilities.

Coaching is life changing

I work successfully with individuals, couples, and families who are ready to make positive changes in their lives and relationships. My clients often comment that they feel safe with me. To me, there is no better testimonial.

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What People are saying about Sheila Stevenson Group

Sheila is able to shed light on darkness, help alter negative patterns, and give hope to people who thought that they had none.

Need a book on your healing journey?

Let Your Light Shine: Learn how to overcome the effects of childhood abuse
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Sheila Stevenson coach speaker author
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