About Trauma Relief Coach, Speaker, Author, Sheila Stevenson

Making our world a kinder and more productive place, one life at a time.

What are we all about here at Sheila Stevenson Group? Well, two things. The first is kindness. We aspire to always be kind. The second is change.

Change is something we all encounter every day; like it or not. It’s not something we can ignore.

At SSG we embrace change. It’s good. It can take us from good to better and from awful to wonderful. Change also provides us with new perspectives, offering new outlooks on our lives and on the world around us.

Our principal person, Sheila Stevenson, is very familiar with change. Throughout her working life she went from secretary, florist, and administrative assistant, to sales, and then entrepreneurship. Along the way, aptitude tests indicated Sheila should be a “writer/journalist/author”, or perhaps a “psychologist/therapist/social worker”. Those suggestions were very appealing to her.

Sheila hired a life coach to help her determine where to go next, and in February 2011, she chose the path of becoming a coach herself. Sheila now focuses on Trauma Relief Coaching. Also, in 2009 Sheila became a Published Author, and she has been an Inspiring Speaker to a variety of groups since the mid-90s.

Volunteer Work

In January 2013 Sheila founded the “Learning and Support Group for Adult Survivors of Child Abuse”. This free group, for both male and female survivors, meets on two ‘scheduled’ Saturday mornings each month at the London (Ontario) Public Library, Central Branch, from 10 am to 12 noon. For more information check out the poster here, or visit http://www.londonpubliclibrary.ca/programs/

Sheila is also a contributing member of Opening the Circle, a group dedicated to helping anyone impacted by sexual abuse/violence. Visit http://www.openingthecircle.ca

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Coaching empowers.

Books educate and entertain. 

Speakers inform and inspire.

Mission Statement

The Sheila Stevenson Group aims to achieve the highest possible standards in helping individuals and organizations realize optimum emotional and relational health through Trauma Relief Coaching, speaking engagements and books. On a volunteer basis our goal is to advocate on child abuse and adult survivors’ issues; and to educate and inform people, to help stop abuse.

What People are saying about Sheila Stevenson Group

I couldn’t move on from the abuse I’d suffered in the past, and it was keeping me back from trying new things, because of the fear of failure and rejection. I can now live with my past and take some positive thoughts from what it has been able to teach me.