Are You Stumped By Your Emotions

Are you often bewildered – or stumped – by your emotions?  The emotions of others too? Striving to make sense of them?

Emotions are an important part of what makes you …you. Without them you would be just a body.

Love, excitement, fear and anger are fairly easy emotions to comprehend. However, there is more to discover deeper within these emotions than we often care to acknowledge.

For instance feeling happy can mean many things. Feeling happy is a very personal experience, dependent on exactly what it is that makes you feel that way. You and a friend may both receive the same wonderful gift, but each of you will encounter your happiness in a unique way.

Feeling sad can mean we need to dig deeper and explore what’s really going on. What exactly does sad mean to you? It could mean you’re feeling depressed, or abandoned, or remorseful, or lonely?

In our fast-paced world the ability to accurately communicate our feelings to ourselves, and others, has been sadly impaired. As we rush around taking care of our daily tasks, it’s easier to use one simple word, like sad, or happy, rather than deal with exploring our emotions.

One important area affected by our busy lives is our relationships. Many relationships are not only hurting but also failing. It’s hard to make time to deal with our own ‘stuff’, let alone the needs of others in our life.

Yet making the time, and committing to dealing with our emotions, is exactly what is needed.

If you don’t make time to address your true feelings about whatever is going on in your life at the moment, then you could be undermining your ability to navigate successfully through your days. And, research has shown that not dealing with your emotions – your internal life – will have an unhealthy effect on your physical health.

If you are unable to satisfactorily and authentically convey what’s going on with you to the significant people in your life, both you and those relationships will suffer.

When you are able to pay attention to your emotions, explore them more fully, and then effectively describe them to both yourself and another, you may discover that your life becomes fuller and more satisfying.

Recently I had an opportunity to explore a feeling.  On my morning walk I noticed a large portion of the trunk of a beautiful old tree in my neighbourhood broke off and fell onto the street. When I first saw the damage, I felt sad. Trees have always been an important part of my life. (You can find out why in my book Let Your Light Shine!, available at  .) I quickly realized ‘sad’ didn’t quite cover all that I was feeling. I felt loss too. Sorrow, that this stately tree would no longer provide shade and shelter.  Exploring what I was really feeling helped me move forward into knowing that a new young tree would soon take its place.

Exploring your emotions more fully can truly be enlightening. Be courageous and go for it!

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