Attitude – Your Personal Marketing

Your attitude is to your face and body as a marketing department is to a company.

Your attitude communicates a great deal of information to others about who you are and how you are choosing to navigate in the world.

We form our attitudes every day from the ways in which we think about ourselves, other people in our lives, and the world in general.

Listening to the news can alter your attitude depending on what you are hearing and how it makes you feel. Hearing sad or joyous news from a friend can also alter your attitude, again, depending on what is going on within yourself. The same goes for when you are at work.

Here are three helpful definitions of attitude, as described on Encarta Dictionary:

  • Personal view of something: an opinion or general feeling about something. A positive attitude to change.
  • Bodily posture: a physical posture, either conscious or unconscious, especially while interacting with others.
  • Challenging manner: an arrogant or assertive manner or stance assumed as a challenge, or for effect.

Whatever attitude you choose – and the key word here is choose – it advertises to the world who you are in any given moment in time.

Becoming aware of your ability to choose your attitude at any time, gives you the power to be able to change your attitude to more accurately display who you want to be in the presence of those around you.

In other words, be conscious of what you are thinking. Be aware of the message you are speaking to yourself, as well as your posture and your manner.

Developing a healthy attitude will take some time and effort in the early days, but the payoff will come quickly if you keep at it. You’ll soon begin to notice the differences a healthy attitude brings.

In business, smart employers who are hiring people gravitate equally as much to a great attitude as they do to the skill sets of candidates. And coaching often comes into play, to help individuals develop more fully.

As the saying goes, “Hire for attitude: train for skills.” Tom Peters is one of the people credited with this saying.

This applies in life as well. If you want to be better, then become aware of how you are being now. Then you can learn what you need to know or develop, and then you can choose a better attitude.

Be courageous and learn to advertise you as the best you can be.

And, remember, a smile is always a great thing to wear.

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