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Writing – A Lifelong Passion

Since early childhood Sheila has been writing. OK, printing to start! She learned how to read and write at a very early age, and both these gifts have held her blissfully engaged ever since.

Writing allowed Sheila to vent her pain, confusion and anger from the abuse she endured throughout her childhood. She has also done some business writing, and a one-act play in high school, however her heart truly resides with non-fiction.

Let Your Light Shine! Learn how to overcome the effects of childhood abuseHOPE for Survivors of Childhood Abuse was launched in October 2009 at Chapters in London, ON. The book soon received critical acclaim from survivors and front-line workers alike. (No longer available.)

One of Sheila’s proudest moments was when she received a call from the Ontario Police College saying they wanted her book in their resource library, for their young recruits to read.

Marketing is always a challenge for self-published authors. The original title and cover didn’t serve well in the marketing forum. Many people thought it was a children’s book because of the cover artwork. It was also not apparent in the first edition that the book also included stories of domestic violence.

In order to more clearly deliver the message of this book, in early 2013 a 2nd edition, titled Let Your Light Shine! Learn how to overcome the effects of childhood abuse was launched.

The content is the same, with a bit of tweaking and an additional chapter. It also contains testimonials from many readers.

Currently “under development”, Sheila has three manuscripts at different stages. Now, if we could just keep her at her desk!

Let Your Light Shine

A book dedicated to victims and survivors of both childhood and domestic abuse, no matter what age you are now.

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Multiple roadblocks were preventing me from recognizing my potential and through Sheila’s patience and guidance, were removed. Thank you, thank you, thank you.