Celebrating Canada – Before and Beyond 150 Years

In just a few days Canadians will be celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the nationhood of Canada.

Canada ‘officially’ began as a modern country in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Charlottetown is known as the ‘Birthplace of Confederation’.

We live in an amazing country. It is one of the safest, and, dare I say, nicest and most beautiful on our planet.

I love Canada. Yet we have a past. Some of our past is not so nice. As someone who was born here in Canada I feel a need to honour those who were born here and taking care of this great nation before 1867 …and before 1492 when Christopher Columbus showed up …and even earlier when Leif Erikson stepped foot on our shore.

It is important to pay tribute to all our forebears for their courage and foresight; those who populated this land first, and those who came after to struggle, build and extend to us the great opportunities Canada offers.

As you take part in the many festivities on offer to celebrate this occasion, please …be humble enough to recognize that if you were born here in Canada you are not so much ‘entitled’ to live in this great land as you are ’fortunate’.

Give thanks …to the Creator, the Universe, God, and to your ancestors.

We are blessed, not only because we live in this wonderful land, but also because of all who came before us to pave the way.

Let us honour them all, including our Indigenous peoples, by how we conduct ourselves and live our lives from this day forward.

Enjoy a safe and HAPPY CANADA DAY!

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