Climate Change?

April 18, 2019

Can climate change really happen without major changes in human behaviour?  Think about it. Really ….think about it …seriously.  It’s a subject getting a lot of attention and rightly so.

Most of us want to live on a healthy planet. We want clear and abundant drinking water, fresh and non-toxic air to breathe, and food that is not contaminated with chemicals and pharmaceuticals. That’s not too much to ask for. After all, our ancestors lived that way for millennia.

The reality is that our planet has undergone climate changes a few times during its approximately 4.5 billion year history. Skeletal and fossilized remains of certain creatures have been found in parts of the world that have boggled the minds of scientists. Dinosaurs once roamed across North America, and now no longer exist.

What is amazing is that planet Earth has survived all the changes it has undergone.  What about we humans?  We have embraced industrial marvels, technological conveniences, and chemical wonders. Some of these things have been good for us. Some others? Not so much.

For instance, the invention of farm machines like tractors and combines have allowed farmers to grow and produce larger crops. Then, along came the chemical wonders of pest control and genetically modifying crops so as to produce even more. People began acquiring more illnesses and allergic reactions – to food! So they turned for help from modern pharmaceuticals, to treat the diseases they were getting from foods that were harming them. Yet, our ancestors survived without all these modern wonders, using the healthy abundance of the earth.

Chemicals and drugs are dumped into our land and water resources by way of run-off, sewage, and landfills. We are increasing the chemical rape of the very land and water systems we rely on to sustain us.

Thousands of acres of trees are being clear cut world-wide. The fact is that our lungs rely on the ‘natural’ chemical relationship we have with trees. They take in carbon dioxide and give us back vital oxygen. Ever wonder why lung diseases are increasing?

The vehicles we rely on to get around use fossil fuels, for the most part, that come from the interior of our planet. We withdraw resources from down deep, and then wonder about destructive weather changes like earthquakes. They are now happening more often. We humans are shifting the very internal structure of the planet we live on, resulting in more frequent and more intense earthquakes, hurricanes, monsoons, tornados and tsunamis.

More and more we value convenience, and a throw-away mentality. Technology has many great attributes however, our survival as a species depends on our ability to re-engage with each other. We need to work together to find and create solutions to the changes we are undergoing – both personally and globally. Each of us has our own beliefs and ideas, but we all share one home – Earth.

Let’s all pull on our thinking caps and talk respectfully and courageously with each other to support creative ideas and solutions, and heal the earth.

Together we can re-create a healthy home planet.

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