Sheila Stevenson, A.C.C.

When you’re ready to unlock your potential, let go of old habits, and move forward…

That’s when you can rely on Coach Sheila for help.

She believes that everyone has innate and amazing potential.

You are unique. It is your uniqueness that your world needs in both your personal and your work life. The world needs your ideas, your strengths, and your abilities. It needs your joy.

  • Not feeling joyful?
  • Have you arrived at a stage in life where you realize that you’ve been functioning at less than your optimum and you’re frustrated?
  • Do messages from days gone by still circle around in your head, and you’d like to change them up so that they are more meaningful and supportive for you?
  • Does fear often prevent you from stepping up to say and do the things you really need to say or do?

Since 2011, Sheila has worked with individuals and business clients, helping them transition past the obstacles they may be facing. The results have been amazing! Clients’ lives have been changed in lasting and wonderful ways. Below are their words on how Sheila has affected them, and their business outcomes.

“When it becomes obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.” Confucius, 551-479 BC

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  • Member – International Coach Federation
  • Adler Trained Coach (ATC)
  •  Associate Certified Coach (ACC)
  •  Certified on “Living Systems Approach” to Coaching Work Teams & Families
  • ASIST – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

What People are saying about Sheila Stevenson Group

Sheila helped me embrace my authentic self.