Customer Care Impacts Your Bottom Line

Effective customer care will favourably impact your company or organization’s bottom line?

As a customer, when you hear the words “Your call is important to us…”, and then you get put on hold, how do you feel? What thoughts come to mind? What is your next action?

We all live in a really busy and frantic world. Both work and home life can be chaotic and stressful.

Have you ever been in a situation like this? You need to pick up bread and milk on the way home. Do you ever wonder that it seems grocery stores are getting bigger all the time? And, you already know you’re going to have to navigate half the store to get both the items you need. You may also pick up a few other items. Then you arrive at the check-out. The cashier asks “Do you need a bag?” They quickly pass your purchases across the scanner, and announce what you owe them. You dig for your cash or credit/debit card, as well as their ‘loyalty’ card, while they give you an impatient stare. As soon as the cashier has your money, they almost literally toss your receipt at you and say “Have a nice day”.  I’ve been told that at 8:30 pm! Most of the time, they’re already processing the next customer. And, if you bag your own items, the next customer’s are already coming up behind yours.

Been there? Had that experience? Most of us have. How does it leave you feeling? Resigned? Annoyed? Disgusted? Ticked off? Degraded? Dismissed?  Personally, I’ve experienced all those emotions.

We all need food to sustain us. But, what store managers constantly complain about is that people are only looking for the lowest prices. Yet, that’s not always the case. There are high end grocery enterprises doing quite well, because they treat their customers respectfully. People shop lowest price because they feel their loyalty is not truly valued. They may collect points but they do not feel respected or appreciated.

Here’s another situation. You’re shopping for an appliance or electronic device. Have you ever asked what you thought was a perfectly sensible question, and got laughed at, ignored, or even worse (in my mind) been told “It’s easy.”  To my way of thinking, I am asking my question because, no, for me it isn’t easy.  That sort of response from the store ‘expert’  is dismissive and demeaning.  So again, people are likely to price shop next time. How we communicate our message matters.

Customers are why you are in business. Without them, you close shop. Many businesses need to learn, and understand at a deep level, that the relationships you have with your customers is what’s important. How you treat people, whether they are spending a Loonie or a million dollars – that’s what matters.

Why? Well, guess who your most prolific advertisers are? Yes, your customers and clients. Do you realize that a happy customer will share their experience with a few people – potential new customers for you! But an unhappy customer will tell, on average, ten people about their awful experience with you. Those are the potential customers you will never see. Oh, and those 10 people will share their friend’s bad experience with 10 more.

Training people on how to provide good customer service is an investment that will always pay dividends.

Here at Sheila Stevenson Group, we are the Customer Care professionals. With our training you’ll get measureable results that will profitably impact your bottom line. We can be reached at 519-471-7608.

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