Customer Service? Or Customer Care?

By Sheila M. Stevenson – May 10, 2018

What’s the difference, you might ask? What does customer service mean as opposed to customer care?

One of the subjects that comes up in conversations frequently is the lack of quality customer service. Compliments about service are as rare as pennies these days.

The list of complaints is varied, from waiting too long, to getting the wrong product or service, or dealing with a rude server. On the occasion when a truly wonderful story of great service is shared the natural inclination is to ‘wish’ you had had that experience too.

In a nutshell, my explanation of the difference between customer service and customer care is this:

  • Customer service tends to follow a list of ‘things to do’ in order to exchange your product or service for the customer’s money.
  • Customer care is about taking care of your customers. It is about responding appropriately. It is about keeping not only outside clients, but your internal ones as well – because they want to come back or stay with you.

Customer care is ‘going the extra mile’. It’s also knowing what to say, and how to say it, at the appropriate times. Why would you want to do all that? Because, you would quickly realize the value in doing so, and then reap the rewards that result.

What are those rewards you ask? Here are just a few:

  • Happy customers will share with their friends, associates and family about their great experience.
  • Satisfied clients will return. They will buy more and they will brag about their experience with you.
  • Fulfilled employees will stay longer, feel less stressed, and perform more willingly and efficiently.

OK, so what does all that warm & fuzzy stuff really mean? It means not only an increase in your sales and profits, it also provides benefit to your reputation in your specific industry.

Who doesn’t want to stand out and be awesome?

Do you provide customer service or care?

Whether you operate a small business, a home business, or a large corporation, ask yourself how learning to provide better care to all your customers would improve your business. Your investment will reward you.

Not sure how to start or even how to make it all happen? That’s when you call the ‘Customer Care Experts’ at Sheila Stevenson Group. There’s no obligation to have a chat, but you’ll be glad you called …519-471-7608.

Caring makes all the difference!

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