Effective Training Really Does Pay

June 7, 2018

Is your training budget non-existent? Do you know that effective training really does pay?

More times than I can count, when I’ve spoken to a company representative about Customer Care training I heard this phrase: “Oh, we do our own in-house training on customer service.”

Always found that interesting.

When a lawyer gets into trouble they hire …a lawyer.

When a doctor or dentist needs healthcare they hire …another doctor or dentist.

Why? Because while they may have the skills to do what is needed, they are biased, and cannot see what is really needed. They are too close to the situation to be effective.

It’s the same with training on customer service. You can’t see or hear what your clients are seeing and hearing when they are in your business, or dealing with your staff.

You are too close to the situations.

It can be highly valuable to you to bring in outside help.

In order to grow a business, or even remain successfully in business, you need to provide the best possible service for what your customers need. What they need. Not just what you have on offer. And, in order for great Customer Care to be effective, everyone in your business needs to be not only on board with the training, but be committed to providing it – no matter what.

That means for the training to be effective, it has to be meaningful for everyone.

That’s the type of training we provide at Sheila Stevenson Group.

Tailor made to your needs, and useful every day, for everyone.

Give us a call. Ask your questions. Get the candid answers that will help you grow your business.  519.471.7608

You’ll be glad you called.


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