Everyone Is Colourfully Created

Food for thought. Each of you has your own unique colouring; skin and hair. Every one of us was colourfully created.

All those genes combined with an egg and a sperm, and you were created. The unique creature you are has never existed before, and will not ever exist again. Think about that for a moment. Contemplate the specialness of …You!

There are many different groups calling attention to themselves, and what they’re ‘proud’ of. In spite of that we are all of the same species – humans. Although I personally wonder about that sometimes when I hear the news and the horrible ways in which humans are treating – or not treating – other humans.

Under the surface of skin and hair, we are all pretty much the same as every other one of the billions of humans than populate our planet.

Again, this is not about religion, however, millions of people believe, or claim to believe, that each and every one of us was created ‘in the image of God/Creator’. If that’s true then what is there to be ‘proud’ of about your skin colour. It was a gift to you. Your skin, whatever shade it is, wraps up all of who you are in order to keep your insides safe. And there is no other exactly like you, or me.

Many, myself included, believe the awful troubles in our world have nothing to do with ‘colour’, but rather with ignorance. We are now living in the 21st century of recorded human history. Have we learned nothing?

Is it really so challenging to think about the issues of ‘colour’ and racism and all other ‘isms’ and not come to the conclusion that it may be time to learn better ways of accepting each other?

I once had the experience of being one of only two ‘white’ people in a huge crowd of ‘black’ people. What I experienced that day, the suspicion and name-calling, was what so many others have to endure every day of their lives. It was frightening for me, and I have no doubt it is frightening for those who face it every day.

Slip your metaphorical feet into someone else’s shoes for a few minutes and consider what they endure.  It is long past time to let go of hatred and embrace diversity.

Challenge yourself during the coming week, to be courageous and speak with someone who is unlike you in some way. They may be in another age bracket, from a distinctive ethnicity, or you could be poles apart in your support of a cause or politics. Whatever it is, engage in a conversation, and really listen deeply, with your eyes, ears and heart.

You may learn something new or of value to yourself. You may also make a new friend.

Embracing diversity doesn’t just happen on a large scale. It emerges when two people reach out to understand each other. Then they role model that for others, and encourage the behaviour in their family and friends.

Choose to be your colourful and unique self in the world. Choose to be brave and accepting of others.

Be the change.

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