Does Fear Keep You from Pursuing Your Dreams & Goals

It has been said that every one of us have dreams and goals. Many dreams are born in childhood. Yet not everyone actually pursues their dreams, or works diligently towards attaining their goals.

Why is that?

One significant factor that holds so many back from realizing what they consider valued is their fear.

Fear takes many forms within the human psyche. It undermines self-esteem and confidence. Fear stops people from taking control of uncomfortable situations. Fear prevents you from engaging in the difficult conversations you know you need to have with someone in order to ‘clear the air’. Fear can even put you off from enjoying relationships and activities that you secretly yearn to take part in.

The seeds of fear within each of us are planted in our fertile minds by the hurtful comments we get from other people, or by events that have happened to, or around us.

When you first feel fear, your ‘lizard brain’, the amygdala, kicks in.  The amygdala in your brain registers the fear you are experiencing, and your body immediately responds by going into fight, flight or freeze mode.

In a healthy amygdala, when the danger or perceived danger, subsides, the cortisol levels go back to normal, as do blood pressure and breathing.

When awful comments or experiences are frequent, and especially when they happen in childhood, the amygdala over-reacts and can stay stuck, which is not a healthy state to be in, mentally or physically.

The good news is that you can make healthy changes if you have been in this stuck mode for a period of time. One thing you can do immediately, in any situation that causes you stress, is mindful breathing.

Sure, you’re already breathing. But are you completely filling your lungs by using your diaphragm to intake air? Or is your breathing shallow, and all taking place up in your chest?

In order to think clearly and process information – like keeping yourself safe and healthy, or planning out your dreams and goals – your brain needs oxygen. If your breathing is shallow your brain is not receiving all the oxygen it needs to nourish your blood, which then feeds your brain. Deep and mindful breathing can be a significant aid in clarifying your thinking.

Something else that is key to calming your stress and allowing you to think creatively is the manner in which you choose to think and speak. Mindful choices of the actual words you feed your brain are crucial to getting past any stuck points in your mindset and living patterns, and calming stress reactions when they arise. In fact, changes in mindset and language can reduce the occasions of stress you experience. Coaching can help with that.

Check out this short YouTube video for more information:

Now, get yourself unstuck. Breathe and reduce your stressful situations. Learn to be fearless.

Pursue your dreams and goals.

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