How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Would you like to know how to be your own best friend? Let’s face it, who is better qualified than you?

You know that feeling when you meet someone for the first time, and you just know, deep inside, that you’re going to be great friends. Possibly you could be friends for a lifetime.

Then there are other times when you meet someone and you get a sense that a friendship might develop. But then the relationship ends up going nowhere.

Another kind of friendship, which sometimes ends up as a romantic one, is when you first meet a new person and there are sparks of irritation in the air. At first, you wonder how you could ever spend time with this individual, because they seem irritating. And yet, very often this sort of friendship blossoms over time. That’s what happened when I met my best friend in high school. We couldn’t tolerate each other in grade eight, but are still friends to this day.

Weird, eh? Life can be weird, and we all need a best friend.

Last week you may recall the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, “Friendship with oneself is all important, because without it one cannot be friends with anyone else in the world.” Decades later her words still ring true.

Quite often people brag about all the friends they have on social media. Sometimes they don’t really even know the ‘friend’, but have connected with that individual through someone else.

Isn’t a true friend really someone we know, and like, and trust?

In order to be a real friend to others, you need to know yourself, like yourself, and trust yourself. And, emotional intelligence is required in order to develop close friendships.

Here are some suggestions on how you can become your own best friend.

  • Spend quiet time alone with yourself every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Get to really know yourself by allowing your thoughts to focus on the things and dreams that are important to you. Let these thoughts percolate, and return to them often so you get to really know yourself.
  • Write down the wonderful qualities you like about you. Maybe it’s your ability to be kind, your sense of humour, or your cooking skills. Often these qualities in you are the special things other people have noticed and complimented you on. Take some time to really explore who you are and all the unique things you like about yourself.
  • Learn to trust yourself by developing your intuition. That means listening to the little voice in your head that gives you suggestions or guides you. When you learn to trust your intuition you will discover that it never leads you astray, and it will always protect you.

In practicing these habits regularly you may discover that being your own best friend will attract more true friends into your life. And, these friendships will grow and be nurtured and cherished as time goes by.

Be emotionally intelligent and be your own best friend first!

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  1. Just read this post dear Sheila Stevenson. How true it is. Love your suggestions about listening to the little voice in our head and being our own best friend so we can then be the kind of friend who attracts friends. As always your sincerity and wisdom shine through in what you say because it reflects who you are as a person.
    Feeling grateful to know you. Positively, Pauline

    1. Post

      Pauline, you are a very kind, and thoughtful woman. Amazing too! Thank you for your feedback. Can’t imagine you need to learn more about how to attract friends! Thanks for being one of mine.

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