Your Locked Up Emotions are Hurting You

Yes, your locked up emotions are hurting you. Keeping them inside is an unhealthy state in which to live.

When troubling or upsetting emotions arise, that is not the time to tell yourself that you can handle it on your own. That would be like trying to put makeup on, or shave, with your nose pressed right up against the mirror. It simply doesn’t work well.

Having faced some difficult challenges in my own life, I am very familiar with the place of denial wherein I thought I could handle things on my own.

How did that work out for me, you ask?

Not so great. I finally found my courage and learned to seek out help – and soon realized I’m not so different from most people.

Going it alone you may have discovered the same unsatisfactory results in your own life.

Have you ever wondered: what is it about experiencing our more difficult feelings that we just want to remain hidden, and keep to ourselves? That’s a really good question.

Here’s what I’ve learned. There are a vast number of emotions/feelings – and almost everyone experiences the majority of them – the same ones – at some point in their life.

It’s the human condition.

So, why do we want to deny those emotions, or hide them away? Well, because they can be really frightening to deal with and explore. It can be scary to look down deep into our dark places. But it is necessary.

If you required surgery, to rectify a serious physical challenge, that would be frightening too. The choice to have the surgery – or not – is really unavoidable. Of course, you would go ahead, because it would heal you, maybe even save your life.

It’s the same when it comes to dealing with your emotions. Not dealing with your feelings will eventually have a serious impact on both your mental health and on your physical body.

Your emotions, and how you experience them according to what is going on in your life, are unique to you. Your body is unique to you also. The list of emotions we share with everyone. Your experience of them is yours. Find your courage and get yourself unlocked.

When all aspects of your being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – are enjoying good health, life simply becomes easier to navigate on a daily basis.

Emotionally and physically healthy people are generally happy people. Who doesn’t want to be happy?

Turn the key – unlock and deal with your emotional ‘stuff’. Talk with someone you can trust.

Get healthy and be happy!

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