New Life & Changes at Sheila Stevenson Group

Spring 2018 has finally arrived. So have exciting changes and new life at Sheila Stevenson Group.

Spring is my favourite time of the year. It’s all about budding new life. I enjoy gardening, and am looking forward to getting my hands in some fresh soil and planting herbs and flowers.

Throughout my training and Practicum to become a professionally certified coach, my mentor coach often pointed out to me that “There is a lot of ‘teacher’ in you, Sheila!”

She was right. I am (mostly) able to suppress the ‘teacher’ within when I am coaching, but it keeps surfacing. Teaching and facilitating it is a passion of mine.

Several years ago I facilitated corporate training on a number of topics. I loved doing it, and the training my company offered provided measureable results for our clients. Here are some testimonials.

“The immediate shift in attitude which I have observed in the two weeks following your training will assist us in reaching our goal of increasing the level of satisfaction expressed by our customers. Kudos to Sheila for a job well done!” R. Simpson, Union Gas, Waterloo

“Feedback from our supervisors and managers, from coast to coast, was extremely positive.” D. W. Collett, P. Lawson Travel

“Every employee should take a class like this – there are so many employees out there who don’t know how, or are unable to handle customers properly.”  V. Bowman

Our training provides real  and measurable results.

Now, years later, people have been asking if I would consider resurrecting my training workshops. What better time to resurrect something than spring!

I am pleased to announce that coaching will remain a big part of what Sheila Stevenson Group offers clients. As well, we are now offering our “Classic Customer Care©, “Power Talk to Handle Difficult Conversations”, and “Time/Personal Management Skills”.

We are excited and ready to roll, helping companies and organizations to grow and instill new life – creativity – and keep their accountants happy!

Are you ready to improve creativity, productivity, and enhance communication skills in your business?

Are you ready to optimize your business investment and resources?

We offer the best product and service at a fair price, delivered with a flair for your benefit and maximum return.

Now is the time to invest in your future. Contact us at 519-471-7608 or

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  1. I love it Sheila!!! You truly are a great teacher in your core! THAT is one of the many things I TRULY love about you!!!

    1. Post

      Ah, thank you Vera. Good thing I was paying attention as I marked as ‘spam’ literally dozens of payday load type comments.
      I really appreciate your comments. Love You Vera.

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