“Just one act of kindness that you perform may turn the tide of another person’s life.” Unknown Kindness does not have a cost. Kindness does not need to take up extra time. Kindness is something almost everyone appreciates receiving, even the grumps. People who have suffered are often very aware of what kindness means, and the power it has to …


“Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace.”Amelia Earhart In the second paragraph of her Foreword in my book Let Your Light Shine! Learn how to overcome the effects of childhood abuse, Sandra Foster Kaplun, Reg. Marriage and Family Therapist, wrote: “I did not know then that this polished surface harbored a child who had been subjected to …

Healing Light vs. Abusive Darkness

“Darkness is only driven out with light, not more darkness.” Martin Luther King Jr. Why a 2nd edition of HOPE for Survivors of Childhood Abuse? Simple. It was a marketing decision. The old title did not adequately explain that I had experienced domestic abuse as well as childhood abuse. The cover artwork showed a child in a tree, and playground …

February – Month of Love


Love comes in many forms: Agapé love; love of family, friends and animals; and, romantic love. It has been said that “love makes the world go around”. In so many ways that is true. Agapé love is what propels us to reach out to others, and to have a care for those who may be less fortunate in any way. …

Child Porn Bust November 2013

ChildPornBust-Nov2013 London-20131115-00351

Do you ever feel like you are fighting an uphill battle? Some days I feel the same way. Trying to bring awareness about the topic of child abuse, and help people become knowledgeable about it, is a daunting task, and one that nobody really wants to hear. I’ve been told, “For Heaven’s sake, Sheila, that was a long time ago, …

Summer Reading is the Best!


Summer is here and the weather is hot and humid again. It’s the best time of year to grab a cool drink, find a shady spot, make yourself comfortable and settle down with a good book.

Spring – A New Beginning


Last week I was interviewed by the lovely Tammy Lee Marche. She hosts a program on Rogers TV, Channel 13 here in London, Ontario, called “Beyond Living”.

A Shift of Life Priorities

There is a lot to be said for living in the moment. It can reduce tension and cause a person to appreciate all they have and all they are experiencing. However, I believe that while living in the moment is a wonderful state of life for small children, and for those who have lived long and acquired great wisdom, for teens and early adults it is not always a great state.

Sheila meets Canadian author, playwright and humourist, Drew Hayden Taylor


Finally got to meet one of my favourite authors. Here I am having fun at the Lakefield Literary Festival. This is my new friend, award-winning Canadian Native author, playwright, lecturer and humourist Drew Hayden Taylor. We’re holding each others books. Drew is one funny guy. He will keep you in stitches while discussing serious issues about our unique cultures in this great …