Overwhelmed by News and Social Media?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by news feeds and social media comments and postings?

I am; and I’m hearing a lot of other people saying the same thing. We’re getting too much information and it’s coming at us relentlessly – and repeatedly.

Hey, it’s great to be able to know what’s happening in our world. Depending on where you are at any given time, what’s happening could impact you in some way. Or, you might want to offer assistance, or gather with friends to have discussions about the event, and unpack your emotions concerning it.

I have often wondered what it must have been like a hundred years ago. Back then people had to wait days or even weeks to receive news about world events.  What do you think their blood pressure readings and stress levels were in comparison to people’s today?

Some among us love to get news all the time. They are the people who watch multiple news channels along with the scrolling updates on the bottom. Recently I heard someone share that all that information gives them a headache. I can definitely relate.

A question I’ve begun to ask myself is this: Is there anything I can do to alleviate this event or situation?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, then I choose what action I want to take. Send money. Reach out. Pray. Text or call someone to warn them to take safety precautions, if need be.

If the answer is ‘No’, then I consciously give myself permission to move on with my day. And, I take a few deep breaths to clear out any stress I may have taken on. Deep breathing can also regulate blood pressure if it has elevated because of what you are hearing or seeing.

Traumatic events, tragedies, and deaths have been taking place since the world was first populated by humans. They will continue long after we have all departed.

You may have heard the phrase ‘Pick your battles.’

Perhaps in this ‘gone crazy’ world of ours, now might be a good time to evaluate what information you are taking in, how often you are doing it, and what affect it is having on you. Pick your battles/news feeds.

Choice is something we all have. You can choose to be overwhelmed or choose to get on with your activities. If anything happening ‘out there’ in the world affects you, someone will let you know. Then you can act.

Exercise your choice. Be courageous. Be gentle with yourself; your body, your mind, and your energy.

Tune out, and get on with your precious life.


(Photo by Geralt)

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