The Path of Peace – Created By Everyone

In the madness that seems to be the reality of our world today, wouldn’t a path of peace be wonderful?

Our planet, indeed every human being on it, could benefit from a sense of peace that comforts and makes you feel safe.

Peace at any price? No, that wouldn’t work out especially well.

Why not? Well, because peace always comes at a price.

Ask any Armed Forces veteran, or currently serving soldier, and they will tell you that peace has a price. Sometimes they pay with their lives.

One truth is that war is big business. Our economy would potentially collapse without all the jobs that are created by supplying the weapons and services that support wars.

Ask someone who is living in a dysfunctional or even abusive home environment. They know the price of peace, and what it would cost to attain it. They often pray and yearn for the courage to step away and create their own path of peace.

Consider for a moment all the businesses that would no longer be needed if every child was unconditionally loved and nurtured throughout childhood, and all adults were taught how to intelligently manage their emotional issues, without imposing harm on others.

Imagine! John Lennon suggested years ago that we ‘Imagine’ a world of peace.

Here’s another truth. Peace really only dwells in the heart of each of us. You. Me. Everyone.

The path of peace we all hunger for begins within.

I learned a long time ago that I cannot change the world. But, I can change myself for the better. How I be in the world impacts everyone I come in contact with and the same applies to everyone else.

When each of us develops and nurtures our own ‘path of peace’ then our world will begin to change for the better.  People’s skin colour, sexual orientation, physical appearance, and work status will no longer be sources of hate and ridicule. When your intentions are aligned with the goodness in your heart, with what you think, and how you speak your truth, you will be on the way to creating peace in our world.

In the hustle and bustle of the upcoming holiday season, take some time to explore your heart and intentions. Challenge yourself to be more at peace in how you relate to both yourself and others. Be kind and generous with yourself first, so you have the inner resources to be kind and generous with others.

Peace and goodwill I wish for you and your loved ones.

Step bravely onto your path of peace.

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