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RESILIENCE – Maneuvering the Ups & Downs of Life

Life hands us all tough times. Resilience is what carries us forward.

Sheila has resilience in abundance. Hear what she shares about surviving abuse, tough times, and tragedy.

Take note of the important lessons she grasped, and what you can learn from them. As humour was her mainstay throughout life, listen to how Sheila now embraces being “weirdly unique”, and how she now maneuvers through a joy-filled life.

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COMMUNICATING & EMOTIONS – How to Speak Your Truth With Confidence

Communicating with others when emotions are high can be agonizingly difficult.

We’ve all over-reacted, or said something we didn’t mean. Or, maybe we simply weren’t able to say what we needed to say. And, we’ve all engaged in avoidance or conflict.

Sheila shares relatable anecdotes, wisdom, and practical guidelines, so you will be able to confidently navigate any conversation.

Beware – for the sake of your comfort, laughter will ensue!

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What People are saying about Sheila Stevenson Group

Sheila offers a safe and comfortable environment to work in and always encourages free expression of your thoughts and experiences. She is an active listener and provides a great deal of non-judgmental insightfulness