STOP Stigma – Mental & Physical Health Linked

October 4, 2018

There is a definite link between your mental and your physical health. So let’s stop stigmatizing each other.

Here’s a question for you: when you go to a medical doctor with a complaint about your physical health, where do you leave your brain?

What? What kind of question in that?

It’s the sort of question that asks you to think for a moment.

Of course you don’t park your brain somewhere while you go off for medical treatment. That would be impossible. The brain IS part of the body, and it is actually the centre that operates everything.  As well, what you think and how you process your thoughts and feelings can have a direct impact on your physical health.

The two – mind and body – are inseparable. And yet we still stigmatize people for all kinds of health issues.

At some point in life almost everyone has need for a doctor to take care of a physical ailment. And, if we were all honest, there comes a point in life where most people would value being able to talk with a professional about an emotional or mental issue that is causing distress.

While the care of your body and the care of your mind require different skill sets from professionals, it is long past time to stigmatize people – essentially for being who they are.

Every single person on this planet is unique. There are no two alike. Your body structure, how you think, and how you feel are exclusive to you. So the question now is, if you don’t want to be stigmatized for your body, your thoughts and beliefs, or how you react to the events of life, why would you do that to another irreplaceable individual?

What science is now proving is that the link between your body and your brain is even more crucial and intimate that ever before believed. Recent findings about the vagus nerve we all have connecting our gut and our brain is promising wonderful new advances in both mental and physical health.

Here is an article on the vagus nerve:

As humanity progresses through time and history, we learn more about ourselves and how our bodies and minds function. They are not separate entities!

When you point your finger and direct your words at others, you end up causing yourself distress.

So, be kind. Whenever possible always be kind.

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