The Path of Healing from Trauma

February 7, 2019

Every day, it seems, you hear more and more about trauma and abuse.

To varying degrees, almost everyone has experienced some type of trauma or abuse.  I lived with childhood abuse pretty much since infancy, and eventually experienced domestic trauma as well.

The shocking pain and suffering of trauma/abuse can change a person, and it affects how they relate, not only to others, but to themselves especially.

The younger a person is when impacted by trauma/abuse, the greater that impact will be on their psyche and their ability to develop along what is often referred to as the ‘normal’ spectrum.

The good news is that very often trauma can be healed. It’s a process. Healing from trauma requires three things to begin with:

  1. The trauma/abuse survivor must be committed to taking an active part in their own healing journey;
  2. The individual they choose to work with would ideally be a trauma-informed care-provider, who possesses and conveys an attitude of ‘allowing’, not pushing or prodding; and,
  3. It takes time. Allow time and be gentle with yourself.

While trauma is rarely ever completely forgotten, the memories can be eased and then stored in the recesses of your brain, rather than taking up all your headspace every day.

When the awful memories of trauma or abuse and the constant asking ‘why’ are front and centre of your life most days, you may be at what is called a ‘stuck point’. Who wants to be stuck in life?

Your journey of healing can get you past your stuck point and allow you to move forward in your life on a path with a renewed and powerful sense of self, a freedom of your spirit, and happiness.

Everyone deserves to BE fully who you were intended to be from day one. Trauma, at any age, can halt the progression of your becoming your true self.

Trauma-informed coaching not only saved my life, it propelled me to learn how to help others. So I studied to become a certified life and business coach. I’ve been coaching for eight years now. Many of my clients experienced trauma/abuse and were feeling stuck. Their lives changed as a result of my coaching, and they are now living happier and more satisfying lives – and careers too.

Are you ready to get past your ‘stuck point’ to be the best version of yourself?

When you are, I hope you and I will connect.

YOU deserve to BE HAPPY. Believe it!

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