Time for Peaceful Change in Our World

Change is coming to our world; positive and impactful change.  Now is the time to create peaceful change.

It has been said that most people don’t like change. And yet, change is happening every day in your life. You’re simply not always aware of it. Also, when you think of change on a large scale, it can be a frightening prospect.

Let’s first focus on the small changes that happen every day. Do you recall this saying by Heraclitus of Ephesus, a Greek philosopher?

                “You cannot step into the same river twice, for other waters are continually flowing on.”

We may never know the full meaning of his quote because Heraclitus died around 475 BC. Yet his words still ring true today. Whatever has happened in your life, even in the last moment, will never happen again. If you try to duplicate your actions, you can’t. For starters, you will be taking in a different breath of air, so whatever you are doing will be at least slightly different from the last time you did it. Nothing remains the same.

Fear of change often comes from the ‘crowd mentality’ thinking that permeates our world, especially on social media. In other words, you’ve likely heard many people declare that they don’t like change. That belief can easily take root and become an unconscious part of your own thinking patterns and self-talk. Don’t let it.

Real and lasting change begins when we allow ourselves to become aware of what we are thinking in any given moment. When we become aware of something, we are then able to change the narrative we tell ourselves about that thing, person, situation, or philosophy.

Positive change begins with you, and with me, and with everyone. There is no magical ‘they’ that will fix whatever you are unhappy or frustrated with. Anyone who desires to see positive change in our world is really responsible for first creating positive change within.

Coaching is what helped me make positive changes in my life.  It is an amazing process that allows people to reflect deeply on their desires, open up to new ways of becoming aware, and then creating the change they want for themselves and their lives.

Change is taking place here at Sheila Stevenson Group once again. In the early days our focus was solely on coaching, and coaching will remain a core service as changes take place. Before I became an ICF Certified coach, small business consulting and corporate training were my passions. Those passions have resurfaced, fueled by a large number of people requesting these services from us.

Positive change is happening, and my team and I are very excited about it. More to come in next week’s blog!

Peaceful and positive change in all our lives is not only possible; it will impact all of earth.

Small and powerful changes begin with you, me, and all of us.

Be the change!

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