What Can Coaching Do for You

This is a question I get asked often; “What can coaching do for me?”

Curiosity is a great attribute to have. Asking questions about something you’re not familiar with can expand your wealth of knowledge, and often offer surprises you may not have considered.

I first heard about life coaching back in 2007 when a couple of young women at networking events gave me their business cards and told me I should engage a life coach.

Frankly, I was quite put off by their approach, and put off the idea as just another passing fad. And, really, who wants to ever be ‘should’ on? Turns out I could not have been more incorrect.

Later that year I met a lovely professional woman who engaged me in conversation by asking what sort of work I was doing at that time. After a couple of minutes I asked her the same question. She said “I’m a life coach.”

I hired her. We worked together off and on for a few months.

She had a calm and gentle nature which made me feel safe immediately. That is a key component for clients.

Through my coach’s curious and relevant questions that arose from our conversation together, I began to discover some things about myself. Some of them propelled me to look inward and make adjustments to my belief system. Others guided me to the place where I was able to more clearly define who I was, who I wanted to more authentically be and, how I had buried and almost forgot the dreams that I had held dear since childhood.

Most especially, I began learning how to navigate through my world with other people in a more effective and respectful manner. This helped me realize that I am – and you are too – a unique individual with something wonderful and potent to offer the world. It doesn’t matter what the size is of the talent or gift you have to offer to the world.

What does matter is that each individual can become their best and most authentic self.  It is in each of us to be our best. It is in each of you to grow into who you are meant to be and to shine your best self out to the world. My abilit

No one on this planet can escape needing a helping hand somewhere along the way.

Coaching is the helping hand that got me moving forward by learning to clarify my thinking and alight with what I wanted to achieve, and expand my choices in daily life.

As a professionally certified life coach myself now, I have the honour and privilege of reaching out a helping hand to others, from all walks of life.

What is especially meaningful is to witness as clients discover the beauty and endless possibilities within themselves. Their growing awareness and commitment to moving forward is powerful and exciting.

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative dialogue that expands and inspires people. It brings about permanent and life-enhancing transformation.

Are you ready to discover coaching for yourself? Be courageous!

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