What Was Your Trauma

Trauma really does happen to just about everyone at some point in life. What was your trauma?

Trauma and tragedy can impact your life in a variety of ways, and each individual experiences it differently.

On a basic level, trauma can:

  • Keep you awake at night and/or paralyze you with fear;
  • Make you feel extremely fatigued and depressed;
  • Have a negative, even harmful, impact on your relationships – with yourself, and others.

Here is the wonderful news. Experiencing trauma can actually help you develop into becoming a stronger person than you were before what happened to you. It’s true, if that is what you truly desire, and if you choose to commit to yourself in order to accomplish this. Healing and moving forward is a journey, not overnight magic.

Social media and news channels have shown us many examples of people who have experienced horrific tragedy and/or injuries. Often, the reports are about how those people rose above what they experienced. They give us hope.

One inspiring example is Nick Vujicic, the Australian man who was born with no arms and no legs. He was bullied as a child and teenager, and even attempted suicide. How easy it would have been for him to settle into victim mode, feeling sorry for himself, and giving up on life.

Instead, he has chosen to travel the world, speaking and inspiring others to live their dreams and never give up.

For a long period of time I felt sorry for myself and got stuck in victim mode because of an entire childhood of sexual, physical, emotional abuse, extreme humiliation, and emotional neglect in my development.

Oh, but I SO wanted something different for myself and my life. I had dreams, and I wanted to live them.

When I finally learned that it’s a sign of strength to reach out and ask for help, then my life made a complete turn-around.  I had been taught that only ‘weaklings’ asked for help from other people. Now I know that is wrong.

A number of incredible people helped me on my journey of healing from my trauma; a therapist, equine therapy, and a life coach. I will be eternally grateful to them all. Grateful; but not attached. In my early days of healing I was so thankful for someone’s help that I got caught up in what they did for me. I experienced a bit of adulation for them. That’s not what a true helper wants. A sincere a trusted person who can help you will really desire for you to take what you’ve learned, move forward, and shine in your own abilities and strength.

I now live my dream of being a certified life coach, helping others to move forward towards living their dreams.

My hope is that you will learn this lesson a lot quicker than I did! Please …reach out. Get help, and only settle for a helper you feel comfortable and safe with. Honour yourself and your story.

Be your amazing self. Shine!

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