Who Is Your Best Client

May 24, 2018

Do you know who your best client is?

Are you doing a brain search right now to figure out which of your clients is the ‘best’ one? If so, relax and continue reading.

As an employer, it would serve you well to recognize that the best client, or customers, you have are the people in your employ. Yes, your employees.


Building a business is a significant investment in time, energy, creativity and money. When you’re on your own in the early days, you’re running the whole show. Ideally then, you would have a deep awareness of what your customers want from you, and be able to supply whatever it is.

Then comes the time when you realize you can’t do it all anymore. So you begin hiring people to help you run your business.

Those people, your employees, then become the front line between you and your customers. Or, they are the support system behind you as you deal directly with clients.

At no time as long as you are in business can you afford to forget that your employees are the most important people in your business.

How you manage and treat the people working for you, is exactly how they will manage and treat the customers who are paying for your products or services.

It’s people who look after things in the business for you. And, it’s people who buy your ‘stuff’. While you may not have any formal training in psychology or other such areas, you must learn how to treat people respectfully, communicate effectively, and recognize their contributions along the way. Ultimately, your business is a reflection of who you are and how you function.

This is not an easy task for everyone. It is simply a very necessary one.

Have you ever heard that old adage, “Hire attitude. You can always train skills.” That’s just as true today as it ever was. Who and how you hire, and how you interact with them, as well as remunerate them, is all key to having the best people supporting you over time.  Wouldn’t your job be a lot easier when you know you have a happy and efficient teach behind you?

Need help? Need coaching? Need a consultant who can see what you are blind to? Need training?

Ask Sheila, the “Customer Care Expert”. You’ll be glad you did.  Sheila@sheilastevensongroup.com

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