Wisdom from Fear

Fear can be a frightening, even terrifying, emotion. Let’s learn a little wisdom from fear.

You may, or may not, have seen the following acronyms about fear:

F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real

F.E.A.R. – Face Everything And Rise

Unless you are being chased down by a starving lion, or an angry grizzly bear, your fears may be more centred on what you are thinking than about what is really happening. And no, let’s not discount the countless other situations that may truly be dangerous in our lives.

Fear can also be paralyzing. More often than not it plays with us from a space that is not factual. In other words, fear kicks in at an emotional level and it can prevent your brain from fully functioning. It impairs your ability to think clearly and process information. Your ‘fight, flight or freeze’ reaction could take over and render you helpless, even from what you are thinking.

When you give serious thought to the above definitions of fear, you may consider allowing many of your bogus fears to disappear, so you can face what is real and rise. Many of your fears will never even happen. Some fears can simply get embedded in your head and never take form.  False fears are a lot like worrying. They give you something to do, but they don’t get you anywhere or help you accomplish anything of value.

“Fear lives in our reptile brains. Are you going to take advice from a lizard?” Martha Beck

So, the question is, “Why do you persist in holding on to what isn’t real, but is occupying much of your headspace?” Your valuable brain could be put to work on other uses, like feeling free, being more creative, enjoying your relationships more.

Here are some tips on how to take a good look at, and deal with some of your unrealistic fears:

  • Make a list of the thoughts you hold that make you feel afraid.
  • Take one at a time and ask yourself, “Is this a real fear, or is this something just taking up space in my head and preventing me from living my life fully?”
  • When you determine that something is not a real fear, rip that piece of the paper off, and tear it to shreds. Throw it out with the trash – because if it has been rotting inside you, then that’s what it is…trash. Or you could burn the pieces (if it is safe to do so). Or put the piece of paper on some gravel and stomp on it until the unrealistic fear disintegrates.

Then, congratulate yourself, take a deep breath, smile, and feel the freedom. Repeat as needed.

When you make a small, fear-less change in yourself every day, you make our world a better place.

Be courageous. Our world needs you!

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