Wisdom from #MeToo

Would anyone out there agree with me that our world is changing? The #MeToo movement has certainly brought a lot of issues to the forefront, and many would say it is about time. However, along with shedding light on a serious and overly longtime problem there often comes a backlash.

The #MeToo movement has shed a big light on a huge problem. Sexual harassment and violence is a problem that most women have been aware of, and impacted by, for centuries.  I myself have experienced sexual violence. And, I am respectful of the reality that many men have been impacted by sexual innuendo, harassment, and violence as well.

The #MeToo movement need not, and should not, pit women against men or vice versa.

When did we humans lose reverence for our differences? How did so many males of our species come to believe they were/are entitled to use and abuse the bodies and minds of their female counterparts.

Hey, we are all on this pretty blue orb called earth together. We need each other – for more than just sex.

There are qualities that men bring to the world we women cannot. And, there are qualities that women bring to the world than men cannot. Besides the commonly accepted attributes of physical strength in males, and the nurturing attributes of females, there are other things to consider.

While there are some humans walking the planet as a result of scientific intervention in the process of creation, the vast majority of us came into existence the old fashioned way – which takes one female and one male.

There’s a genuine richness in life and conversation when we include both male and female perspectives. We learn from each other. Life would be bland without the contributions to everyday activities that both genders bring.

Very often when an issue is brought to light and people are upset about it, the tendency is to charge to the other side of the issue in outrage or defense. The pendulum, so to speak, swings forcefully from one side to the other. The point I’d like to make (and I’m struggling with it a bit), is that I wonder how much better off we would all be if we each took some time to ask ourselves questions about where we stand on this issue of #MeToo (or any issue).

Questions such as: “Am I a part of the problem?” or; “Am I willing to learn more about this so I can become an effective part of a solution?” or; “How can I contribute to a meaningful conversation with my family and friends about this issue and how it will affect us all moving forward?”

Pendulum swinging often results in misunderstanding, accusations and violence. Opposing forces can sometimes destroy each other. The last thing our world needs is more conflict.

What our planet and its people need are courage for enhanced understanding, deep dialogue, a willingness to listen actively to each other, and to create and engage in more respectful behaviours. Our healthy survival depends on this.

Every one of us, women and men, have value. Let’s treat each other as valuable human beings.

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